Customer Testimonials

To whom it may concern:

I wanted to recommend the crew at the Calgary Automotive Repair Services for all car maintenance and repair services. Recently, I was in need of some work on my vehicle as I was behind my regular car maintenance schedule. Even thought, they were busy with other vehicles, they were able to fit me in as my schedule did not permit to return in a timely manner, they were efficient and very accommodating with the work and finished quite quickly. I was impressed with the service they had provided and the fact they were able to accommodate me and finish in the small window that I had.

The service that I received from Calgary Auto Repair Services was amazing and value for the services they gave exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend who has a vehicle to go to C.A.R.S.  and they will be more than ecstatic with the value, they will receive form them.

Dr. James Troung
Alberta Health Institute

Curtis Harren – When I first met the folks at Calgary Auto Repair Services, my wife and I just received some not so welcome news about our SUV. It had lost power and despite several tests at the dealership, their best recommendation was to replace the entire turbo unit and we were quoted a replacement cost of $11,000 just for the turbo and that there would likely be other costs they wouldn’t know about until the time of install. In my experience this could easily have turned to $14,000, which is the approximate value of the vehicle. Their service technician was slow to answer phone calls, even avoided them, and was even slower to guide us through options and the process. To make a long story short our vehicle was at the dealership parking lot for well over a month. Meanwhile the sales manager offered us $8,500 trade in value AFTER we repaired the vehicle! Good deal for him! Needless to say the math didn’t add up for us!

In just one conversation with Calgary Auto Repair, their technician was able to quickly provide us several possible options that made sense. Once they had the vehicle they narrowed it down to two possible solutions, depending on the prognosis once they were in the repair, both options were well below one-tenth the cost of the dealership quote. Their professionalism, candor and honesty gave us the confidence to proceed. We had our vehicle back in less that a week fully repaired for the quoted price ($1,100) and no games were played.

We are happy to recommend and suggest using Calgary Auto Repair Services for your next vehicle service requirements if you value trust, integrity and honesty when dealing with your car’s service and repair needs.

Curtis Harren, CEO copilot – August, 2017

Dave B. Calgary – Our car needed thousands of dollars according to some other auto repair shop in Calgary. After mentioning to a co-worker of my vehicle repair issues and the cost of the repairs. He suggested I visit the staff at Calgary Auto Repair Service. Thank you to my co-worker and the staff at C.A.R.S who saved me almost $800.00 on my repairs.

Stacy L. Airdrie – I’ve been taking my 2013 Mustang to a Ford franchise since new for regular maintenance.  I never felt the friendly reception from them as I do with all the staff at Calgary Auto Repair Service. Thank you.